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Little Eygpt Condo
Thompson Article

Flash of the Spirit
Robert F. Thompson
  • 126 From a conversation with Walter Cahn, May 1989. I am indebted to Professor Cahn for sharing his rich knowledge of Byzantine art.

  • 127 Das Wunder Aus Faras(Essen: Villa Hugel, 1969). See example,Plate 11, reproduced in color on the cover.

  • 128 Stanislaw Chojnacki,"Ethiopian Paintings' in: Religious Art of Ethiopia ed. Walter Rauing (Stuttgart: Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen,1973)p.36.

  • 129 Ibid. p.41.

  • 130 In a personal communication,June 16,1989,Jean Lacy talked about the painting process in Welcome To My Ghetto Land in which gesso (in this case crushed marble, animal glue,and Titanium white) was applied in twenty or more thin coats as a ground in preparation for the piece to receive paint. The colors used in painting process are tempera and casein, which have been applied while the surface is still damp. Thin sheets of gold leaf are applied to the surface. Design elements have been scratched into the panel partly as a guide for placing the gold leaf and partly to indiciate intricate patterns and details. The color beneath the thin layer of gold, which is semi-transparent, adds to the richness.

  • 131 Gwendolyn Brooks, Selected Poems(New York: Harper and Row, 1963) p.37. In a conersation about the poem in April 1980, Ms. Brooks told me "I was thinking of blacks, and what is often thought of them."

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