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Trinity United Methodist Church: Old Testment Window

Jean Lacy works nationally. She designs faceted and leaded glass windows for new and existing churches. The designs bear witness to African American religion, history, art and culture.

Cost is calculated according to the design and size of the window, $50.00 to $85.00 per square foot depending on the complexity of the design aesthetics: simple design elements, abstract and/or figurative.

The square footage is achieved by measuring the length and width and multiplying the two together in inches and then dividing by 144 inches.

The artist prepares black and white cartoon renderings for use in preparing glass patterns for the cutting of glass for each of the windows. Upon approval of the black and white designs, the artist prepares colored renderings for use by the stained glass studio artisans in selecting colored glass for the stained glass windows.

The artist works closely with a stained glass fabricator in Bryan, Texas, through the various phases from design sketches, to fabrication and installation. Design and fabrication contracts are separate.

  1. Designed 53 stained glass windows for St. Luke "Community" United Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas, 1993
  2. Designed 11 stained glass windows for Trinity United Methodist Church, Houston, Texas, 1994-1995
  3. Designed 7 stained glass windows for New Hope Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas, 2000

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